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Monday, May 30, 2005

Lombok - part 1

Friday, May 20, 2005

Gosh! Why are they so slow? Is it only food that they always think of? I only have less than 1.5 hours to pack my things. My flight departs in 2.5 hours. I know I should have done it yesterday or 2 days ago as I've made the booking 5 days before the departing date, but work has made me hooked that I don't even have much time to do other things, even to get enough sleep these past 2 weeks. Phew !

Okay, what I've gotta do is just be patient and wait for another 10 minutes or so.

Aahh, here they come. Finally!

As everyone was seated inside the office car, Mas Bagus, the office driver, drove us back to the office. My colleagues started to talk about their students and the listening comprehesion activity they had in the class this morning. I wasn't in the mood of involving myself much in the conversation, so I mostly just listened.

I kept looking at my watch while thinking about what things I had to bring. When we reached Panjang Jiwo area, I asked Mas Bagus to take a short cut which passed my home and dropped me in front of Indomaret. After saying good-bye to my colleagues and thanked M. Bagus for dropping me, I jumped out of the car and walked fast home.

"Mom, I'm home!" I said as I got in.

Gosh, I hate having so little time to prepare things and put them in my backpack. Where is my white panco? I guess I saw it in the closet in the back room. I shall find it. And where's the black tank-top I bought at Sogo 2 months ago? It must be somewhere in one of these drawers. Ah ya, I have to bring my bathing things, shoes, .............

Phew! It was quite a rush. I had to stop once in a while to make sure I didn't miss any important things I would need in Lombok.

Hmm...what else? I think I've packed everything. Okay, now I'll just wait for Carla.

Carla, my best friend came to pick me up to the airport. After some kisses and hugs with mom, I got inside the taxi. As usual, mother gave me some motherly notes before leaving. Love you Mom! :)

So, finally, after some stressings months, I could get away for a while. I felt really excited as I got to the airport. Carla and I directly went to the check-in counter. It seemed like there were quite many people went to Lombok. I guess it's because we were having a national holiday in 4 days. Besides, weekend was just a day away. I was a bit annoyed with the person who stood behind me in the queue. He kinda pushed me forward. He even told me to give my booking card to my friend to have a faster check-in. In fact, I had done it before he told me to do so. Gosh ! I grumbled at Carla about it, and she giggled a bit.

As we walked to the departure lounge, we saw the stores and cafes on our right and left side. Then, I remembered I didn't bring any mineral water with me. So, we stopped by one of the cafes there. I bought 2 bottles, one for me and the one was for Carla.

After paying the airport tax, we looked around to find two empty seats near our gate.

2b continued.....


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