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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A week in Bali - part 1

Saturday, 8 January 2005


Glad to be home again ! Well, I wish I had more days to relax there though. My holiday...hmmm, I can say that it was fun enough in spite of the bad feelings I had because of my 'college gang'.

It's the 30th time I spent my holiday in Bali. I was actually a bit bored of going there, but I had no other better choice. So, finally Bali was the final decision.

Since I had no intention of visiting the famous tourist spots, my friend-Carla and I decided to get a cheap nice comfey inn or bungalow around legian. After looking around, we finally found the place we wanted. It's even better than what we expected, especially concerning the rate. Well, we are travellers...so cheap things with nice quality is on our top list!

"Ronta" Bungalow. That's the name. It's on poppies lane II, a pretty narrow road nearby the Bali blast's monument. I directly liked it when I saw the room and the bathroom. I loved it even more after the owner (maybe) told us the price. 50,000 IDR!!! A big room with double-bed, a private bathroom with shower and wash basin, a closet, a big fan on the ceiling, and a balcony with 2 rattan chairs and a round table.


It was during high season and it's 50,000 Rupiahs. Can you imagine that? I'm not even sure I can find a place like that in Surabaya.

Well, All I can say is...I loved it ! As I stepped my feet inside the room, I started to feel like home . Finally !! My holiday, my room, and my all. No work! No duties!

"I'm all free"

!Y E A H!


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