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Monday, April 04, 2005

A week in Bali - Evening Rain

Monday, December 27 - 6 p.m.



I reached my cell-phone, which I put under my pillow, to see the time. It's 6 pm. Ery was still sleeping comfortably in her bed. As I gained my full conscience, I heard a sound of water dropping outside. "Is it raining?" I wondered. I then tried to peep through the window beside Ery's bed to make sure.
It was really the sound of rain.

"Er, it's raining," I said as I saw Ery opening her eyes.

"Yeah, I heard it."
"I was up about 20 minutes ago, but wanted to lie down a while more," she added.

"Are you hungry?" she asked me then.
"Nope. Are you?" I asked her back.

"I am. But, the rain sounds hard. I doubt we can eat out. We don't have any umbrella or raincoat," she said further.

"Just wait for another hour. Who knows the rain will stop then."

2b continued....


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