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Monday, April 04, 2005

A week in Bali - Why Should Get Up Early?

Monday, December 27 - 5 a.m.

*yawn* *yawn* *yawn*

With eyes half opened,I tried to find my cell-phone next to my white pillow.

"Ah, it's still 5 a.m."


Lying in bed again to get more sleep didn't work out much. I finally gave up after trying for some minutes.


"Why did I get up so early?! Gosh, I'm on holiday!"

-- 9 A.M. --

Having hard time of going back to sleep didn't mean I had to jump out of the bed and rush for a shower. So, I made myself stay in bed...just lying down and lazying. It felt good.


"Rin, what's the time?" my room-mate asked.
"IT'S 9:30"

"Just got up?" she asked again.

"That's early!" she commented.


Jumped out of my bed, I then opened the door to our balcony. It was good to feel the fresh air. I took a deep breath and just stood at the door looking at the clear sky. Then, I opened the curtains to let the sun shine through the windows. What a beautiful morning!

I sat on my bed with my legs crossed..hugging my pillow, while ery was in the bathroom for nature's call. When I was enjoying the quietness, my cell rang. It was an sms from Yuli.

"Hey, you both got up already? Let's head out. Aren't you hungry?"

'Yul, we're up. In fact I've been since 5, but haven't had my shower. I don't feel like showering early. C'mon! We're on vacation. Why should rushing? Just enjoy it! We'll see you downstairs in 1.5 hours. Enjoy your morning, Okay? '

After sending my reply, I laid my head on my pillow. Lazying and doing nothing did feel good. "Oh, I love holiday!"

Ery finally finished her shower. I could smell her shower gel as she got out of the bathroom.

"You look fresh," I said.
"Okay, it's my turn now," I continued.

So, I directly stood on my feet and headed to the bathroom.

"Ahhhh, that feels good!," I told myself as I stood under the shower and felt the fresh water all over my body.

I enjoyed every single minute of my showering time...washing my hair, my face, and all. It always feels great not to rush..even just for a shower, which is something I can hardly do on my crazy work days.

Looking at myself in the mirror and smiling, I said to myself, " Yeah ! I've got 6 mornings like this."


Finally, I'm done with my morning ritual. As I stepped my feet out of the bathroom, I put a big smile on my face. I saw Ery was sitting on her bed with crossed-legs, applying some face powder on her face. While doing her make-up, she told me that Yuli had just sent her an sms asking why we took so long. I laughed as I heard it .

"Ah ya, it's passed 1.5 hours I promised her ," I said.
"What did you tell her?" I asked Ery then.

"Rina is still showering, so I guess we both will see you in an hour," She aswered.

" Good answer! She must be grumbling now.Hehehehe...," I giggled.

I talked to Ery about the tasteless food with unreasonable price we ate at Ubung station while dressing up. It took us about half an hour before we finally went downstairs to Yuli & her sister's room.


"So, which restaurant?" Yuli asked. "I don't know any good restaurant here," she added.

"Hmmm...let's decide it as we walk. There are so many places to eat out here. We shall see which one has nice food and reasonable prices, " I answered.


Done with lunch, we decided to walk around Legian just for sight-seeing. As most people who've been to Bali before know, Legian is always one of the most crowded area besides Kuta, compared to other areas in town. We saw some tourists, both local and foreigners, who were just looking at the stuffs sold by the shops on both sides of the street. While some others were just walking down the street towards Kuta beach.

After a few hours-walk, we went back to our bungalow. On the way back, we stopped by at the K-Mart (the 24-hours mini market you can find almost in every spot around Kuta & Legian) nearby our place , to buy some snacks and some bottles of mineral water.

As we walked passed a few restaurants nearby our bungalow, we saw 2 waitresses of a chinese food restaurant standing in front to promote their place. Well, I don't remember the name of it, but what I remember the most is the short woman with dark skin and friendly smile who gave us a piece of paper listing their menu and price. We just took the paper she gave us and kept it.



"Pretty tiring, but I enjoyed it," said Ery.
"Well, hell I did too," I agreed.

As we got in our room, put our small bags on one end of our beds, Ery and I then changed our oufit with something more comfortable and lighter. We both drifted off to sleep as soon as we felt the comfort of our beds and pillows.



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